The 4th IEEE/ACM International Conference on
June 11 - 14, 2008,
Santorini Island, Greece


DCOSS 2008 solicits posters that report on recent original results or ongoing research in the area of wireless sensor networks. Authors are encouraged to submit interesting results on all aspects of wireless sensor networks, including algorithms, systems and applications.

Poster presentations will provide authors with early feedback on their research work and enable them to exchange ideas with DCOSS participants.

All posters will be reviewed and judged based on their originality, technical contribution and, particularly, their potential to generate interesting exchanges of ideas.


  • Distributed Data Management in Sensor Networks using miniDB/miniSQL, Abdalkarim Awad, Wei Xie, Eugen Rose, Reinhard German and Falko Dressler
  • Maximizing Utility of Sensor-Mission Assignment with Uncertain Demands, Diego Pizzocaro, Matthew P. Johnsony, Hosam Rowaihyz, Stuart Chalmersx, Alun Preece, Amotz Bar-Noyy and Thomas La Porta
  • A declarative approach for Hierarchical-organized Wireless Sensor/Actor Network, Salvatore F. Pileggi, Carlos E. Palau and Manuel Esteve
  • An Approach for Synthesis and Mapping of Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks, Zheng Liu and Cormac J. Sreenan
  • A Distributed Information System Architecture for Supporting Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Network, Yo-Ming Hsieh and Yu-Cheng Hung
  • Enabling Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks Cooperating with UAVs for Mission-Critical Management, Aysegul Tuysuz Erman, Lodewijk van Hoesel and Paul Havinga
  • Minos: A Generic Tool for Sensor Data Acquisition and Storage, Silvia Santini and Daniel Rauch
  • Variable Sensor Density Algorithm, Anand kishore Raju, Anshuk Chakraborty, Vishnu Narayanan and Ankur Jain
  • The Credit Algorithm for Memory Enabled Sensors, Anand kishore Raju, Anshuk Chakraborty, Vishnu Narayanan and Ankur Jain
  • Monitoring and Modeling the Every-Day Behavior of People with Special Needs, George J. Papamatthaiakis, Elias C. Efstathiou, George C. Polyzos and George Xylomenos
  • Decreasing the Localization Error in Border Areas of Sensor Networks, Jan Blumenthal, Frank Reichenbach and Dirk Timmermann


The typical poster size should be typical size should be 70 cm x 120 cm, or an equivalent area covered by A4 pages.

Yang Yu , Motorola Labs,
DCOSS 2008 Poster Chair.


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