DCOSS 2009 Accepted Papers

DCOSS '09 received 116 submissions. The Program Committee selected the following 26 papers (22.4% acceptance ratio):

  1. Dominic Meier, Yvonne Anne Pignolet, Stefan Schmid and Roger Wattenhofer. Speed Dating Despite Jammers
  2. Jacob Beal, Jonathan Bachrach, Dan Vickery and Mark Tobenkin. Fast Self-Stabilization for Gradients
  3. Hosam Rowaihy, Matthew P. Johnson, Diego Pizzocaro, Amotz Bar-Noy, Lance Kaplan, Thomas La Porta and Alun Preece. Detection and Localization Sensor Assignment With Exact and Fuzzy Locations
  4. Dong Kun Noh, Lili Wang, Yang Yong, Hieu Le and Tarek Abdelzaher. Minimum Variance Energy Allocation for Solar-Powered Sensor System
  5. Chun-Lung Lin and Jia-Shung Wang. Optimal Rate Allocation of Compressed Data Streams in Sensor Networks
  6. Marcus Chang, Andreas Terzis and Philippe Bonnet. Mote-based Online Anomaly Detection using Echo State Networks
  7. Sharanya Eswaran, Matthew P. Johnson, Archan Misra and Thomas La Porta. Adaptive In-Network Processing for Bandwidth and Energy Constrained Mission-Oriented Multi-hop Wireless Networks
  8. Zhong-Yi Jin and Rajesh Gupta. LazySync: A New Synchronization Scheme for Distributed Simulation of Sensor Networks
  9. Hui Ling and Taieb Znati. Similarity Based Optimization for Multiple Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  10. Mohammad Khan, Tarek Abdelzaher, Jiawei Han and Hossein Ahmadi. Finding Symbolic Bug Patterns in Sensor Networks
  11. Eric Guenterberg and Roozbeh Jafari. Distributed Continuous Action Recognition using a Hidden Markov Model on Body Sensor Networks
  12. Anthony Wood and John Stankovic. Online Coding for Reliable Data Transfer in Lossy Wireless Sensor Networks
  13. Mohammad Kanso and Michael Rabbat. Compressed RF Tomography for Wireless Sensor Networks: Centralized and Decentralized Approaches
  14. Suhinthan Maheswararajah, Siddeswara Guru, Yanfeng Shu and Saman Halgamuge. Energy Adaptive Sensor Scheduling for Noisy Sensor Measurements
  15. Kevin Huguenin, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Eric Fleury. Route in Mobile WSN and Get Self-Deployment for Free
  16. Manohar Bathula, Mehrdad Ramezanali, Ishu Pradhan, Nilesh Patel, Joe Gotschall and Nigamanth Sridhar. A Sensor Network System for Measuring Traffic in Short-Term Construction Work Zones
  17. Agnelo Silva and Mehmet Vuran. Empirical Evaluation of Wireless Underground-to-Underground Communication in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
  18. Amotz Bar-Noy, Ted Brown, Matthew P. Johnson and Ou Liu. Cheap or Flexible Sensor Coverage
  19. Weijia Li, Youtao Zhang and Bruce Childers. MCP: an Energy-Efficient Code Distribution Protocol for Multi-Application WSNs
  20. Gautam Thatte, Viktor Rozgic, Ming Li, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Urbashi Mitra, Shri Narayanan, Murali Annavaram and Donna Spruijt-Metz. Optimal Allocation of Time-Resources for Multihypothesis Activity-Level Detection
  21. Jonathan Gallagher, Randolph Moses and Emre Ertin. Distributed Computation of Likelihood Maps for Target Tracking
  22. Pankaj Agarwal, Esther Ezra and Shashidhara Ganjugunte. Efficient Sensor Placement for Surveillance Problems
  23. Iyad Kanj, Ge Xia and Fenghui Zhang. On Topology Control of Wireless Sensor Networks in the 3-D Space
  24. Paul Alcock, Utz Roedig and Mike Hazas. Combining Positioning and Communication Using UWB Transceivers
  25. Kamrul Islam, Selim Akl and Henk Meijer. Distributed Generation of a Family of Connected Dominating Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks
  26. Wei Dong, Chun Chen, Xue Liu and Jiajun Bu. Performance of Bulk Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

We congratulate the authors of all the above papers, and look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles. Please visit the camera-ready paper instructions page for more.

Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Program Chair
Subhash Suri, Program Vice Chair, Algorithms and Performance Analysis
Wendi Heinzelman, Program Vice Chair, Systems and Applications
Urbashi Mitra, Program Vice Chair, Signal Processing and Information Theory


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